IPhone XR: An Affordable iPhone With Premium Features

If we compare iPhone XR with other phones of this generation, this iPhone will seem lacking from a number of perspectives. For instance, it is not full HD; it has thicker bezels as compared to other advanced smartphones; it has LCD instead of OLED; it has one camera in the rear instead of two; it has an aluminum frame instead of stainless steel; and it is thicker as compared to other iPhones available in the market. However, this phone is by no means any less of an iPhone.

IPhone XR is the iPhone which is as powerful as iPhone XS or XS Max. Its camera is great and it comes in six vibrant colors. The price of iPhone XR starts from $749 which is less than a Google Pixel 3 and slightly higher than a Samsung Galaxy S9.

IPhone XR: an iPhone for everyone

It’s true that iPhone XR doesn’t have thinner bezels and iPhone XS or XS Max. However, its bezels are not that thicker to be called really thick. We are just doing the comparison. Apart from this comparison, the bezels are just fine.

Another important feature of iPhone XR to focus is its camera. Since it was supposed to be an update, or rather a new phone, after the iPhone XS, people have been expecting two rear cameras in this phone just like the ones present in XS and XS Max. However, this phone comes with one rear camera. However, the good thing is that it is equally capable of taking high quality pictures, recording full HD and ultra HD videos and recording videos in slow motion. The only thing absent is the optical 2X zoom which is present in the XS and XS Max. Nevertheless, it is not something which should make any difference if you decide to purchase this phone. However, you may not want to switch to iPhone XR if you have an iPhone XS or XS Max. And the special software features installed in the phone help you in optimizing images and videos to look like the ones recorded through a DSLR.

IPhone XR: Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the pros

  • The phone comes in 6 different colors
  • Processing speed equal to that of iPhone XS. This phone is faster than any android phone available. Both of the phones use A12 bionic processor chip.
  • Camera is capable of taking high quality and high resolution pictures and recording high definition videos.
  • Battery life longer than any other iPhone available.
  • Bigger, brighter and vibrant display.

The cons of this phone are:

  • Thicker as compared to iPhone XS and XS Max.
  • Portrait mode will work only on people.
  • No dongle or fast charger available with the phone.
  • Bigger bezels as compared to other edge-to-edge display.

All in all, iPhone XR is an advanced iPhone in the price which is quite lower for an advanced phone. Although its features may not make this phone superior to iPhone XS and XS Max, it is still the iPhone which has premium features to satisfy a typical Apple fan.

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