Why you need to buy an iPhone XR Instead Of iPhone XS or SX Max

In 2018, Apple released iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. If we look at iPhone XS and XS Max, these are the successors of iPhone X which, for the first time, eliminated the traditional home button from the iPhones. Hence, the phone screen occupied the entire front, except for the sensors and front camera space, of the phone.

IPhone XR is the cheaper as compared to iPhone XS and XS Max. However, it doesn’t mean that an iPhone XR should be considered inferior. Actually, it’s quite the contrary. And so, it may be quite beneficial for you to buy an iPhone XR instead of XS or XS Max.

IPhone XR is cheaper

One of the bigger concerns people have while buying a phone is the price of the phone. And the good news is that iPhone XR is quite cheaper than iPhone XS. A price difference of $250 is something you would really like in this regard. This is the exact discount which you can have when you prefer iPhone XR instead of iPhone XS.

Wide range of colors

If you want to select from a wide range of colors, iPhone XR is the phone to offer you several color options. There are 6 colors the iPhone XR comes in. on the other hand, an iPhone XS comes in three different colors.

Larger screen than XS

We are not talking about iPhone XS max which has a 6.5-inch screen which is surely bigger than that of XR, the 6.1-inch screen. However, the screen size of iPhone XR is bigger as compared to that of iPhone XS which has the screen size of 5.8-inch.

Front camera

The front camera of iPhone XR is similar to that present in the iPhone XS and XS Max. It’s a 7-megapixel camera which powers Apple’s TrueDepth Camera system for Face ID. Hence, there is literally no difference between iPhone XR and X or XS Max in this regard. The front camera in all three phones allow 1080p HD video recording, Smart HDR for photos, and Animoji.

The near identical rear camera

If you are not a big fan of 2X optical zoom, an iPhone XR is the right type of iPhone to go for. It is worth mentioning that iPhone XS and XS Max have dual camera in the back. This dual camera provides 2X zoom. This is the feature which you will not be able to get from an iPhone XR but other features like stunning photos, full HD and ultra HD video recording are the features which are similar to ones present in XS and XS Max.

Extended battery life

Another stunning feature of iPhone XR is that it has an extended battery life. The matter of fact is that the battery life of iPhone XR is longer than any other iPhone available in the market.

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